Historic Recall: Our Mission

We realize our success in removing these judges will be historic. We also realize the legal system must change. The CJP  will not stop these judges as they close 90% of complaints after "initial review."  Therefore, we will police these judges and send them a strong message - when you treat a self-represented litigant (or any litigant) as subhuman, ignore Rules of Court and decades of precedent, you will be removed from the bench.

This isn’t a race issue or a sex issue, this is about justice, which we all deserve and demand from our judges when we walk into their courtrooms. 

While the facts may differ from case-to-case, it’s all the same story. These judges lack compassion, decency and understanding that they are on the bench to enforce the rule of law. For judges to allow opposing counsel to beat up on self-represented litigants, to threaten them, bully them and mock them out of pure entertainment purposes, is just wrong and will no longer be accepted. We will no longer permit courtrooms to play favorites and change the rules to suit opposing counsel. To twist the rules of court to suit a judge’s bias will also no longer be accepted. Apply the law and only the law or we will seek to recall you. 

It is widely accepted that judges don’t read pleadings and on most days allow their bias clerks, or assistants, to prepare notes and or a tentative. This is unacceptable as it limits their ability to even understand oral arguments. Judge Frank Johnson (who recently returned from retirement) located at Van Nuys Courthouse, stated, “I don’t know the case,” right after allowing three defendants out of the case due to "lack of privity" on negligence and nuisance causes of action. Any judge would know and should know that you do not need privity (contract) for either cause. He also ignored J’Aire Corp v. Gregory (1979) which states in part, that the defendant [here, the property managers] are liable if the transaction was intended to affect the plaintiff [here, the tenant] and did. The facts plead in the complaint proved without a doubt that the property managers controlled the home and caused great harm to the plaintiff. Judge Johnson did not budge.  Perhaps reading the complaint could have evaded this outrageous ruling, which lead to a self-represented litigant having to retain an appellate firm. These absurd rulings cannot continue. Even after strong oral arguments they don’t budge from their tentatives drafted by law clerks or assistants.

These judges think they can do what they want because there is absolutely no oversight. Their response, “file an appeal.” Most self-represented litigants can’t afford an appeal. While this might be a naive concept - if the judges actually applied the rules of court and the law - there would be no need for writs and appeals. Months later, counsel from Manning & Kass, representing the property managers, says, “We got lucky.” Is that what you call it? It was after the Notice of Appeal was filed that they came running to settle. 

These judges must be stopped once and for all. If you fail at your job - you get fired. These judges are not simply entitled to sit on the bench for life - they must earn such a privilege.  

We, the voters, are finally taking back our courts as well as the justice we each seek and are entitled to when we walk into any LA Superior Courthouse.