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Every day we are contacted by litigants with stories of corrupt and bias judges who twist the law, ignore precedent and Rules of Court to suit the outcome they desire regardless of the facts before them. The below listed names (from Civil, Small Claims, Family Law and Bankruptcy divisions) have made very concerning rulings and have acted inappropriately towards self-represented litigants. If their conduct doesn't change - they will be on the next recall. 

Please contact us if you have appeared before any of the listed judges and have had similar experiences.  

1.) Judge Frank Johnson   -  LA Superior Court  

2.) Judge Michael Small   -   LA Superior Court 

3.) Judge Mark Borenstein - LA Superior Court

4.) Judge Holly Thomas - LA Superior Court

5.) Judge Annabelle Cortez - LA Superior Court

6.) Judge David Sotello - LA Superior Court

7.) Judge John Torribio - LA Superior Court

8.) Judge Kenji Machida - LA Superior Court

9.) Judge Ronald Frank - LA Superior Court

10.) Judge David Rosen - LA Superior Court

11.) Judge Shirley Watkins - LA Superior Court

12.) Judge Virginia Keeny - LA Superior Court

13.) Judge William Fahey - LA Superior Court 

14.) Judge Samantha Jessner - LA Superior Court

15.) Judge Elizabeth Lippitt * - LA Superior Court 

16.) Judge Holly Fujie - LA Superior Court

17.) Judge Emily Spear - LA Superior Court 

18.) Judge Huey Cotton - LA Superior Court

*Will not be seeking reelection.